Outsiders brand started in 2015 when we merged our brand with our already growing ministry as communities started asking for our limited products in the Christian Hip-Hop space. For years, we've felt called to preach and to give back to low-income neighborhoods. We've held dozens of large events and have seen people react to the Gospel in amazing ways.

We truly started the "Give Back" in 2012 but started branding it in 2019 as it gained more traction and as we saw more fruit. Some of our events include the "Stay Warm Project" where we pass out thousands of pieces of gear as we preach the gospel and host popular CHH artists in Oxnard, CA. We've seen an enormous amount of fruit from these events. It's amazing watching people from all walks of life get stirred up and inspired by one another... plus, a lot of people in need are taken care of at these events.

We also have the "XMAS Give Back", "Thanksgiving Give Back", "Back2School" & More.



We've partnered with a number of Christian Hip-Hop artists and we have a passion to minister to and connect with individuals in that space. We find that by entering into a space like CHH, we get an amazing opportunity to partner with individuals who need it. We love the relationships we've developed with trusted artists and partnering with folks in the CHH space has been very fruitful.

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